Pinpoint targeting with programatic email. Reach your specific target market and acquire new customers by leveraging Email Marketing in the same way you might have used direct mail in the past. Our campaigns are built around your very specific goals and objectives, with pinpoint targeting of potential customers.

No Campaign is Complete Without Email

Email is a Vital Component

People check their email an average of 15 times every day. That means Email Marketing is still the number one direct response marketing vehicle online and forms a vital component of any digital marketing strategy.

Reach Specific Target Markets

Our programmatic Email Marketing delivers pinpoint-accurate direct marketing by targeting consumers based on a huge range of characteristics, including shopping preferences, interests, demographics, psychographics, purchasing history, location, and interests.

Leverage the Consumer Profile

The first step is to really understand your customer profile. We then select targets based on demographic data such as household profile information, income, age, gender, kids, and/or consumer shopping information, which can include personal interests, purchasing history. and more.

Email Subject Line Best Practices

There are various dos and don’ts that can help you reach a recipient’s Inbox. The four main things to remember when writing subject lines is to:

Use our quick reference menu to make sure your content meets requirements:

Email Specs
  • File Format: HOSTED HTML FILE, JPG, PNG, GIF, or PDF image file to be made into an HTML file with provided CTURL, HTML .ZIP FILE
  • Recommended image width: 650 pixels wide is recommended. Minimum 550 pixels wide
    Maximum 750 pixels wide
  • Recommended image height: There are no real restrictions on height except for images within your creative. Keep in mind that shorter creative will not get snipped by Gmail.
    Images cannot exceed 1728 pixels in height.
  • File size: A standard email should only be 200kb (including images and any other assets)



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